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Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) Phase comprises three classes of mixed Year 3 and Year 4 pupils; Penguin Class (led by Miss Baker), Turtle Class (led by Miss Ragon and Miss George) and Seahorse Class (led by Mrs Kay).

We also have teaching assistants within the phase (Mrs Duffin, Miss Yates, Mrs Sawyer, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Swinden) who are able to provide invaluable, responsive curriculum and pastoral support to pupils across the LKS2 phase. Mrs Lawrence is our phase HLTA who teaches one of the four maths groups and covers each class one afternoon a week.

Our teaching and learning follow the National Curriculum objectives for Year 3 and 4, ensuring the methods for meeting these skills are as engaging, creative, diverse and inspiring for our young learners as possible through our intriguing overarching topics; teaching is planned to stimulate children’s interests and develop a range of learning styles.

Topics of study in LKS2 include: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Extreme Earth and Stone Age to name a few. Through topic lessons which comprise of the foundation subjects: Art, DT, geography, history and music, children will transfer the skills they’ve obtained from previous year groups before progressing and developing the skill with the knowledge from their new year group. Exposing children to subject and skill specific vocabulary and their ability to apply it in context is also pivotal to their knowledge progression as they progress through the school.

This year, we are introducing the Accelerated Reader reading scheme into LKS2 to continue to motivate, inspire and ignite children’s passion for reading. Following the completion of a book, children will complete a quiz to assess how much of the book they understood and retained before choosing a new book. Termly assessments will identify when children are ready to progress through the reading levels. Reading achievements will be celebrated within the phase through prizes and house points for regular home reading and recognition on our corridor reading mural for children who obtain 100% in the book quizzes. For children who progress from KS1 and still require phonics learning, they will access the Little Wandle phonics and reading programme.

Supporting children with the progression from KS1 to LKS2 is at the utmost importance and we aim to continue to develop children’s independence and support them with becoming more responsible and resilient learners, which coincides with our school values. At Langafel, we have a variety of pupils from different backgrounds and with different needs, all of whom we strive to support on their own learning journeys. Our children in LKS2 show great understanding and acceptance towards the fact that everyone is different and this is okay, highlighting Langafel’s inclusive nature.

By the end of LKS2, we aim to provide pupils with memorable learning opportunities through engaging and interactive learning as well as enabling pupils to acquire the skills to become confident, independent and responsible learners as they progress into the final phase of their Langafel journey.