Welcome to Wolf Class

Teacher: Mrs J Howlett

Hello! Welcome to Wolf Class.
I am Mrs Howlett and I will be the class teacher for Wolf Class this year. While we are ‘bubble-based’, the lovely and able Mrs Duffin will be our class bubble’s teaching assistant. We also welcome Miss Day, a student teacher who will be learning to teach within Wolf class this year. When our Covid ‘bubbles’ are ‘popped’, we will be able to use all of our able TA team across the phase, to meet the needs of various groups of pupils across the classes, without the rigidity of ‘bubble’ restrictions.
We aim to make learning in Wolf class a fun and positively challenging experience. We hope that through engaging activities within firm boundaries, learners in Wolf will feel safe, develop their independence and self-belief as learners and become resilient, resourceful young people. We believe that we should value the mistakes the we make – in life and in learning – and if learners in Wolf are not making errors during the process of learning, then we are obviously not challenging them enough! We want our class to feel confident and resilient enough to be positive risk-takers and be willing to try new things. Mistakes are a very important part of any learning journey – when we unpick them with a view to learning from them, they can give us great clues about how to move in the right direction.
I hope that, as we get to know each other, children will celebrate and build on each other’s strengths to help them develop beyond their own perceived limitations and begin to cultivate all the transferable social, personal, emotional and academic skills that they will need for their future life in today’s ever-changing, diverse and interdependent society.
I look forward to working with you all – parents and pupils combined - as part of our fabulous LKS2 team!


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