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What we think

We are the pupils of Langafel School and here are some of our thoughts as to why it’s such a great place to be!

“It’s easy to make friends at Langafel because everyone is so nice.”  Archie

“The teachers are really good and make learning fun.” Teddy

“I like Langafel because it is a lovely peaceful little school.”  Ilyas

“Langafel is the best school because the staff and pupils are really nice to me.” Lacey

“I like Langafel because the teachers make maths seem really easy.”  Jalen

We are like one big family at Langafel, we all look after each other.”  George 

“I love the violin lessons, they are fun.”

“The school is really friendly; the teachers are really kind.”

“I started at Langafel this year.  I like the school because everyone is welcoming”

“The school is really nice and everyone is friends with each other.  The swimming pool is fun and the swimming teachers don’t push you to do things you can’t do.”

“The dinner ladies are very nice and they serve yummy food.”

“I love our school.  We have our own little wooded area where we do Forest Schools and we made bug hotels.”

“I like all the lessons because they are really fun.  My favourite lesson is maths because we get to do lots of times tables.” Albie

“Our resources are really good, so when you get stuck they can help you.”

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