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Welcome to Turtle Class

Teacher: Miss L Read

In Turtles Class, our class teacher is Miss Read who is also the KS1 lead. It is an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment for all, with a foundation built on teamwork, working hard and mutual respect. We always strive for our highest potential and celebrate one another’s successes. We also aim to learn from the mistakes we make, understanding they are simply another part of our learning journey and using them as a springboard to reach our goals.
We are incredibly excited to learn about Brazil and the seaside over the course of this year as well as other areas of the curriculum where we can develop our core skills, which we will take with us through school in the years to come. We also enjoy being active in class where possible, especially if Mr. Graham brings out the piano or guitar!
In Turtle Class, we believe it is important to foster a sense of community. We do this by taking the time to share our thoughts and feelings with each other, developing our communication skills and making sure we each feel supported and understood. We are a team and will help each other though our learning and beyond!


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