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Welcome to Starfish Class

Teacher: Mrs W Ellis

In Starfish Class, our class teacher is Mrs Ellis . Starfish Class are fortunate to have a very large space to explore and learn and make some wonderful memories. We understand that everyone is different, and we learn to appreciate our differences, and accept everyone in Starfish Class. We have excellent class values, and a strong sense of community. Appreciating our successes is paramount to our learning, but also learning to celebrate our mistakes too. Starfish Class is a safe and welcoming space, where every child is treated as an individual, with a wonderful team willing to provide not only academic support, but emotional support too, so individuals can secure the foundations they need to allow them the freedom to be who they are supposed to be, and flourish during their time at Langafel. (Luke 15: The Parable of the Lost Sheep).

Along with Penguin and Turtle Class, we are super excited to begin our new topics this term, Brazil, The Seaside, Dinosaurs and The Frozen Planet to name but a few. We are also beginning the term exploring a book called ‘ Journey’ as a whole school text, which is very pertinent as we have all we been our own very different journeys during lockdown. A whole school text will help us all feel connected to each other in some way, and again instil a deep sense of community as a whole school, and reinforce that we are all finally back together, embarking on our new journey together!


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