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The  learning process at Langafel CofE Primary School is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations to further development. Our teachers create a safe and open setting, where they can guide students in exploring the world around them.

Learning: Academics
Professor & Students

Curriculum maps

Curriculum Maps. Our school has developed curriculum maps which identify knowledge and skills to be taught, understood and applied in each year group; teachers use these expectations within their planning. Linked to the curriculum maps are assessment criteria for each year group which support teachers in making accurate assessments of pupils’ attainment.
For any further information not found here, please contact your child's phase lead.

Progression Maps

Progression Maps for each year group and curriculum area.
These tools map out the learning of key concepts and knowledge across the subject and demonstrate the coherence and continuity in pupil learning.  This knowledge enables pupils to build on previous learning and to deepen their understanding as they apply this to new contexts.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils need about a unit of work or a curriculum subject, with all the information broken down into easily digestible chunks.
They are also a really clear and easy to understand way for parents to be more aware of what their children are learning at primary school and thus to support them.

Learning: Files
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