Parent Council

What is the Parent Council?

Langafel Parent Council consists of a group of parent volunteers who are passionate about enabling parents to become and remain engaged and involved in aspects of school life which are relevant to them. We believe that parents and school working together will improve the learning outcomes and school life for all children.

We have launched the new Parent Council with the small group of committed volunteers, (with one representative per phase), as we were keen to start small and keep initial projects manageable. However, as parent engagement grows and the impact of ‘the parent voice’ on decision making in school becomes clear, it is anticipated that Parent Council could expand to two members per phase or one per year group. We are sure these next few years will be an exciting time for parental involvement in the work of the school and hope you will keep talking with us!

How does Parent Council involve me as a parent?

Parent Council has termly meetings in partnership with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The meetings have an agenda and are focused on specific areas that the Parent Council are working on. You can have a voice in these meetings via your phase representative, participating in surveys   or emailing the Chair of the Council ( The points you raise will be heard by the relevant groups in school (Senior Leadership Team, Staff Team or Governors) and may have an impact on School Improvement Planning.

What are the Parent Council working on?

In the Year 2017-18 the Parent Council will be working on communication, how to support learning of boys as well as other areas raised in the year.

What have the Parent Council done?

You said - “I’d still like to have progress meetings with my child’s teacher more than once a year.” May 2018

The School - There will now be two parents meetings a year from September 2018. The first will take place in early October and the second in Term 4.

You said - “The Rainbow tracker doesn’t tell me specifically what I can do to support my child. Can it be made more specific?” May 2018

The School - Following parent feedback about this, the rainbow tracker is a work in progress. We will keep listening and adapting to parent’s suggestions. Next academic year, English will be split into Reading and Writing strands, so that progress can be tracked in each of these strands of English specifically.

You said - “The mid-September ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings are too late to be useful or meaningful.” May 2018

The School - The Meet the Teacher meetings will take place in July from now on, prior to the new academic year.

You said - “We need more notice for school events like dressing up, trips and such things. A few days’ notice is not enough.” March 2018

The School - The timetable for planning trips has been updated and shared with staff. This form part of our Educational Visit Policy to be ratified at July Governors Meeting. Time is being planned into calendar to ensure staff give sufficient notice of upcoming events.

You said - “We’ve not seen any reading rewards, as were detailed by email in November. Where are they?” March 2018

The School - Stickers are now being given out for children who read at least 3 times a week at home. Ask your child where their sticker is, as some wear them and lose them, and some place them on charts in the classroom.The end of Term 5 reading certificates should be coming out in the last week of term.

You said - “We don’t know how to communicate with Governors.” March 2018

The School - The school website has been updated with the email details for the Chair of Governors. Also hyperlinks to the Phase Leaders, Headteacher and AEN leader have been added to aid communication, just click on names on the Staff Page of our website. 

You said - “Can my child have water with their lunchtime meal, not just after, like has long been the case?” March 2018

The School - More cups have been provided by the catering service, meaning children can use these while they eat their meal, if requested. Also children are now taking their own water bottles into lunch to have with their meal. The new Y5 monitors are being trained in supporting the pouring of water from jugs at tables during lunch.

You said - “Why did school not take part in Autism Awareness week, especially given we have the SLIC unit?.” March 2018

The School - We wanted to give the week the focus it deserves at a ‘slower’ time in the school calendar, so we are having a ‘Neurodiversity Week’ in Term 6.

You said - “I find Rainbow Tracker Progression Sheets overly simple and it is not clear whether our child is working above or below the expectation for this point.” November 2017

The School - An expected Blue Arrow has been added to the sheet to show where a child should be at that time of the year. This should make it clear whether the child is working below, at or above expectations. A section of the website has been created to aid parents in understanding the purpose and ways we assess has been put onto the school website Click here to follow.

You said - “We would like to look at how behaviour is promoted across the school.” July 2017

The School - Carried out a behaviour survey in July 2017 to get the views of all stakeholders.  Will review the behaviour policy in September 2017.

You said - “We don’t see the impact of the Parent Forum.” July 2017

The School - Reviewed and formalised the structure of the Parent Forum; changed it to a Parent Council with a dedicated Chairperson and a contact e-mail address.

You said - “Why can’t children have easy access to a glass of water with dinner only after they have eaten at the drinks table.” November 2017

The School - Trialling a variety of different methods to allow children to be able to drink during their meal. Problems with the catering company not providing sufficient cups were highlighted.


Parent Council

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Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


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Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Digest


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


Parent Council Meeting


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