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Teacher: Mr Baxter

A warm welcome to our class!

Seal class is a KS2 class within the SLIC provision. Our class currently consists of eleven pupils, between Years 4-6, each with a primary need of ASD.

Within our classroom, there are different zones to maximise learning opportunities. These zones consist of the following: Individual workstation areas, group learning areas, reading corner, a reflection area and an intervention and target area.

Many of our pupils access mainstream, where appropriate, therefore, this class largely focuses on developing social and independent skills. For some pupils, they use Seal class as their base, at the beginning and end of the day. There is always an option for pupils to return to Seal class if they require extra support or guidance throughout the day.

We aim to develop our pupil’s ability to work independently by providing a good balance between focused group work as well as independent learning within Maths and English.

Learning is tailored around their interests, needs and preferred learning styles. There is a strong focus on visual and practical-based activities.

Many activities have an element to build character and develop social skills. There are many opportunities to share and turn-take throughout the week. Pupils engage in 'quiet time' activities at strategic points throughout the school day. This aids them to communicate with each other effectively and develop skills in a collaborative way.

Having effective communication is paramount in our classroom, therefore, we communicate using speech, signing and through body language. We also use visual and auditory supports, including symbols and talking tins.