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SLIC (Socialise, Learn, Interact and Communicate) at Langafel is our resourced mainstream provision for pupils who are diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In order to be considered for a place in SLIC a child must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (previously known as a ‘Statutory Statement of Special Educational Needs’) and their primary need must be ASD.

We have 4 classes in SLIC with places for 30 pupils. Children are taught by trained staff comprised of 4 teachers and 9 teaching assistants. Teaching and learning follows National Curriculum but is delivered using strategies and resources that meet the learning needs of the pupils. As well as academic learning the teaching of social, interaction and communication skills are regarded as at least equally important.

SLIC is a valued part of the school and pupils in SLIC enjoy the abundance of high quality resources in the school and have the opportunity to be included in all mainstream activities.

Pupils admitted to SLIC should have the potential to be included in mainstream classes for part of their learning. They are supported in this by trained staff with whom they are familiar. Inclusion in mainstream lessons enhances not only their learning, but also their social skills through interaction with mainstream pupils. Not only do SLIC pupils benefit but also mainstream pupils and staff as we have learnt to respect each other’s differences and that is what makes our school a knowledgeable, tolerant and caring community.