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Teacher: Mrs A Pooley

In Owl class, all pupils will learn in a safe environment where they can share their ideas and ask questions. All pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves and work hard to achieve their own personal goals. They will continue to build on their knowledge from previous year groups with a view to gaining further independence, perseverance and resilience with their life long learning.
Our Literary and Topic lessons will follow the same theme and using a creative approach to help pupils make connections and understand the relevance of their learning.  Topics include The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, World War 2, Space, Japan and The Mayans. These topics will give pupils opportunities to develop further their questioning, evaluating and concluding skills whilst inspiring their curiosity and fascination about the wider world around them. 
Our aim is to have confident and knowledgeable pupils’ who are inspired to follow their goals, so that they can contribute and make a difference in our diverse society.