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Nurture at Langafel

The National Nurturing Schools Programme

At Langafel, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures every child's emotional well-being and academic development.

In partnership with the Nurture UK charity and Boxall Profile we are committed to the continued development of our nurturing provision and ethos.

The six principles of Nurture that we adhere to are at the core of our ethos. These principles are based on the National Nurturing Schools Programme. They include:

  • Understanding that children's learning is understood developmentally
  • Providing a safe base in the classroom
  • Recognising the significance of nurture for the development of well-being
  • Understanding that language is a vital means of communication
  • Acknowledging that all behaviour is communication
  • Understanding the crucial importance of transition in children's lives.

Through the implementation of these principles, we aim to create an environment where every child feels secure, valued and supported in their learning journey. We believe that by providing a nurturing and safe space, children are more likely to thrive personally and academically.

The well-being of the children is fundamental to their academic success. That's why we want to ensure that our school is a place where every child feels understood, supported and encouraged. The nurturing approach not only fosters emotional well-being but also creates a positive atmosphere for learning and personal growth.

We encourage parents and guardians to familiarise themselves with the principles of Nurture and its importance in a child's development. We believe that a partnership between home and school is fundamental for the holistic development of our children.

For more information about the Nurture UK Programme please visit: