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Forest School

At Langafel we offer children a unique and valuable experience of learning and personal development in an outdoor environment.

The Forest School approach is built upon six key principles that form the foundation of our programme. These principles are:

  • Regular and repeated access to the same natural space over time
  • Forest School takes place in a woodland or natural environment to support the development of a lifelong relationship between the learner and the natural world.
  • Forest School uses a range of participant-centred processes to create a community for being, development, and learning.
  • Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative participants.
  • Forest School offers participants the opportunity to take supported risks              appropriate to the environment and to themselves.
  • Forest School is run by qualified Forest School leaders, who continuously maintain and develop their professional practice

We believe that these principles are instrumental in fostering a deep and lasting connection between the children and the natural world, supporting their holistic growth and development.

In our Forest School sessions, children have the opportunity to engage in child-led play and self-discovery in the comfort and safety of our outdoor environment. By engaging with the natural world, children develop their sensory experiences and connect with, nurture, and appreciate their surroundings. The changing seasons offer a dynamic backdrop for the children's learning, providing opportunities for exploration and observation of the natural world throughout the year.

Mrs. Bonner is our Qualified Level 3 Leader and has undergone further, extensive training to qualify as a Therapeutic and Woodcraft for Wellbeing Practitioner.

Through delivering high quality sessions, we enable, support and encourage the children's curiosity, awe and wonder of the natural environment through sensory and other nature based experiences.

The Forest School programme offers invaluable learning opportunities that complement and enrich our traditional classroom-based education. By engaging with the natural environment, children can develop resilience, confidence, and a deep appreciation for the world around them.

We encourage you to support your child's participation in the Forest School sessions, as they provide a unique platform for holistic and experiential learning. Furthermore, we are confident that the skills and confidence gained from these sessions will greatly benefit your child's personal and academic development.

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