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Lower Key Stage 2


Lower Key Stage 2

The Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) Phase comprises three classes of mixed Year 3 and Year 4 pupils; Wolf Class (led by Mr Graham), Tiger Class (led by Mrs Bourne) and Koala Class (led by Mrs Southgate also the Phase Lead).

We also have three teaching assistants (Mrs Duffin, Miss Dalton and Mrs Sawyer) who are able to provide invaluable, responsive curriculum and pastoral support to pupils across the LKS2 phase. 

As Langafel also is part of the Thames Teaching Alliance, we often host and mentor student teachers too. Indeed, we are very fortunate that our experience and adult resource base is rich and varied, meaning we can deploy staff to meet a range of needs within the phase. This year, each week, Miss Day covers teacher's planning time for one afternoon in Wolf Class and one day in Tiger Class in addition to teaching a maths group daily when not attending college. 

The LKS2 classrooms are based along one corridor adjacent to each other. Each classroom has direct and level access to a grassed and tree-lined area, enabling us to enjoy the fresh air, maximise outdoor learning opportunities as part of the curriculum and appreciate the real blessings of nature on a daily basis, regardless of what else may be happening in the wider world.

We follow the National Curriculum objectives for Year 3 and 4, ensuring the methods for meeting these are as engaging, creative, diverse and inspiring for our young learners as possible. Teaching is planned to pique children’s interests and develop a range of learning styles.

Informal and ongoing teacher assessment is integral to each lesson. This enables teachers to ensure that a range of needs and abilities is being met across the class, despite there being a mix of year groups and particular needs within each class.

Knowing that children learn best when they feel safe, happy and positively challenged, we create and regularly review our Class Charter with our classes; this refers to our rights to learn and responsibilities as learners within the scope of the school’s behaviour policy.

We also support the emotional intelligence of our learners, by helping them develop tools which will enable them to regulate their own emotions and responses to these feelings. This complements the Thrive approach which is used across the school and ensures that we look objectively at how we all behave (as people and as learners) and consider how to best enhance each child’s learning, emotional and behavioural progress. In this way, we aim to develop increasingly self-confident, resilient and resourceful learners who can work independently as valued citizens within their class, phase and school teams.

To enhance their confidence in approaching the Y3 and Y4 curriculum, children are given weekly home learning challenges in Maths and Spelling to work on outside of school, (in addition to, as usual, being expected to read at home daily for 10 minutes). Furthermore, each term, a menu of suggested additional learning activities which are related to our Topic theme is also sent home, for which children can earn extra credit.

In Term 2, the theme is ‘Ancient Egyptians’, with a focus on developing historical knowledge and the ability to ask and answer questions about the past, using any available evidence or artefacts.  Effort and progress in being independent home-learners will be recognised through various positive reinforcements, both within class and across the school.

So how can you help? As your child’s first teacher and biggest influence, we ask parents to read with, sign and return children’s reading records a few times a week to enable us to maximise your child’s progress. Also, helping them settle into a routine in a quiet place at home to work on their Reading, Maths and Spelling challenges will pay dividends as they move through the school and into secondary education. We are not looking for perfection in learning at home or at school…after all, ‘better done than perfect’ and ‘practice makes progress!’

Koala class do PE on Mondays and both Wolf and Tiger classes do PE on Thursdays. On these days, following our Covid plans, children attend school in their PE kit for the whole day.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher (or Mrs Howlett as LKS2 Phase Lead) if you have any further queries or questions.

Mrs Howlett (Wolf teacher):

Mrs Ellis (Tiger teacher) :

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