April 2021

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LKS2 Return to School Update

Congratulations on getting through the challenges of remote home learning! We all made it! Thank you for all your support in ensuring your children attended online sessions and submitting their work thorough assignments. We have all surfed the waves of uncertainty with style and hopefully all of us have gained some decent chunks of learning along the way too.

Here are a few things to note to aid the transition back into physical, face-to-face school from Monday 8th March.

PE Days

Please send your child to school in their PE kit on their class PE day, as outlined below. If they have outgrown their kit, any suitable dark, plain tracksuit with plain t-shirt and some dark trainers will suffice, until the shops open again and you are able to acquire new kit.

Koala PE = Mondays

Wolf PE = Thursdays

Tiger PE = Thursdays

Reading records

In order to maintain and improve the rate of progress in their reading, we would like your child to continue to read the books that have been assigned to them on Collins Big Cat Ebooks  daily, as these are at the correct level for them.

Please listen to them read for just 10 minutes each day and sign their reading record to verify their reading, or comment on how they are doing; this will continue to help us help them to make faster progress in their reading fluency, understanding, enjoyment and vocabulary. House points will still be awarded for children who return their diary signed each time they read at home.

Children may of course still read their choice of text too – our main focus is on reigniting their reading spark and helping them grow into keen readers, who choose to read because they enjoy it and do not find it a challenge or chore.

Drop off and collections

Please do stick to the times allocated for drop off and collection, as communicated by Mrs Maynard earlier this week. Doubtless, it will take a while to get used to the routine again so please be patient and kind to each other and to school staff who will also be doing their best with the new timetable.

Drop off time in the morning – between 8.30 and 8.50 am in the KS1 playground.

Children will enter school via the gate that leads to the Y3/4 classrooms.

Collection – 3.05pm -3.20pm, from the same place they were dropped off at (KS1 playground, Y3/4 gate)

To keep everyone safe, we are asking:

* Please ensure you as an adult wear a mask when on school grounds or dropping off/collecting by car/on foot.

* If you are able to walk to drop/collect, then please do so.

*Please do not be early or late, as this compromises the staggered start and finish times of each phase bubble and increases risk for all.

*Please move off the school grounds as soon as possible after drop off/collection.

*Please follow current social distancing rules while on school grounds.

*Older siblings may be dropped off with younger siblings and staff will direct them to their classrooms.

*A clean water bottle with fresh water daily, a lunchbox, their reading diary/record and their coat are the only things your child needs to bring to school. Please put them in a bag so they can be stored safely and compactly in school.

We are excited to see the children face to face again and plan to reintroduce them gently to the learning stamina needed for full days at school. Our focus, at least until the Easter break will be on re-establishing relationships, ensuring wellbeing needs are addressed for all and helping children get used to the routines and expectations at school again in a safe and supportive way. We know that some children may find the transition back to school difficult and are ready to support them through these feelings. After all, this past year constitutes the most disruption children in modern day Britain have faced since World War Two. We will ensure that their sense of safety and belonging are met well; then, we can really focus on the business of helping them feel accomplished in their learning and supporting them in their continued growth academically.

We are looking forward to feeling the energy and enthusiasm your children bring to school and to getting back to teaching the way we really are expert in…and you can hopefully have a sense of relief that the main teaching load is ours once more. It will be time for a cuppa and a well-deserved biscuit (or insert your indulgence of choice here) for you on Monday!  Your children, when they are older, will reflect on the time they did home-school through the computer, be in awe of how the adults around them juggled it all and proud of how well they ‘rolled with it.’

Thank you again, from us and your children, for your support in their learning.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

KS1 PE Days - Email

We've come to the end of our home learning journey!  Thank you for all of your support with your child's learning throughout this time.  We're looking forward to seeing all of the children again on Monday. It's been lovely to see excited faces through the screen about coming back to school but we also understand some children may be feeling slightly anxious; we're sure they will be fine once they are here where they can see that everything will be and is the same as it was before Christmas (hopefully our Langafel Quiz this afternoon helped to reassure them).

As before, children can wear their PE kit to school on their PE day - we may be going outside for some PE sessions so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for this.  Each class' PE day is as follows:

Penguin - Monday

Starfish - Wednesday

Turtle - Wednesday

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!


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