Welcome to Bumblebee Class

Teacher: Mrs C Watkins & Ms L Baker

Bumblebee Class has two teachers. Miss L Baker on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs C Watkins on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

We share a large open plan learning environment with Ladybird Class. Our children have access to the outdoor area throughout the day.

The children participate in in daily phonics and maths sessions. We use the Letters and sounds phonics programme and White Rose Maths. We have a PE session once a week alternating between the Gym and the Hall and we have a Forest school session once weekly from term 2.

 In Term 1 for PE we follow the BEAM PE program developed by physiotherapists which helps to develop children’s gross motor skills and to identify any areas in which the children may require further support. Before a child can develop and refine their fine motor control skills to hold a pencil for writing or to use scissors they need to have sufficient gross motor control and strength and the BEAM programme facilitates this development. In the first 2 terms all children participate in Dough gym and Funky finger sessions daily to support and develop their fine motor control and strength.

Our school day is divided between short whole class and group teacher led sessions and child initiated sessions where the children plan and choose where and what they will be learning. During these sessions adults engage support and encourage learning through observing, supporting, questioning and playing with the children.

We teach using a topic based curriculum and the topics are based upon the children’s interests. We often base the children’s learning around books such as familiar stories like The Gingerbread man or other quality children’s texts such as Stickman By Julia Donaldson.


Class Timetable

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