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Breakfast & After School Club

After School Club Contact Number 07494 642 410

Our extended school services consist of breakfast and afterschool clubs and are open to all pupils within our school.
Both clubs are run by current Langafel Staff who fully meet the criteria required to work with children.
Our staff already know your children and will have similar high expectations of your children at the club as they do when they are in school.
Once the children have arrived at the club, they can participate in a wide and varied range of activities.
Children at after school club will have access to school resources such as sports and IT facilities.
The activities give structure to the club but are also chosen to provide fun, relaxation and enjoyment for the children.
Children will also have the opportunity to start their homework at after school club. It is, however, an important feature of homework that children share their learning at home so it will not always be completed.
When breakfast club ends children in early years and key stage one will be escorted to their classrooms to begin the school day. Likewise for afterschool club the early years and key stage one children will be collected from their classrooms.
If your child is participating in a specific afterschool club such as gymnastics or football please let us know to ensure they are on all registers.

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Both rooms may be accessed from the key stage one playground, which is opened to cars for parking, before and after school.

Red Star – Performing Arts Room
Blue Star – Butterfly Room

After School Club Location.PNG
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Breakfast Club

Breakfast club may be used on a casual basis where you can just turn up and pay on the day however if you use the service on a regular basis you can book on a weekly/termly basis.
We require you to complete a form to confirm if you child has any allergies or conditions we need to be aware of.
The club is open from 7:40; do not leave your children in the playground unattended before this time. Please ensure that you take your child to the entry door (Performing Arts room) accessible from the KS1 playground, and they are registered by the club supervisor, this is for their safety to ensure we know they have arrived on site.
If they have already had breakfast they can remain in the performing arts room and participate in the activities on offer, otherwise they can make their way to Butterfly room where breakfast is served.
They can choose from a variety of items, please be sure to let us know of any allergies.
Fees Per session: £3.00 per child (any siblings will be charged at £2.00 per child)

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After School Club

After School Club has a capacity of thirty places available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Before your child can participate in the club you must complete the Registration Form at the back of this pack along with the signed After School Club Agreement. Booking should be made for the week by sending in a booking form and payment no later than 2pm of the Monday of the week required. If you would like to make a long term booking please do so in writing on the booking form or by email stating your requirements and preferred payment method. Collection from the club must be PROMPT, from the room, at the end of the session booked. If you are going to be late collecting your child you MUST contact the club on 07960 507743 to let them know and to give an estimated time for your arrival. Persistent late collection i.e. more than three occasions after the end of your booked session will result in a late collection fee of £5.00 for every 15 minutes or part of. Due to the club taking place in two rooms please use the following as a guide to where to collect your child from.

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If someone other than the person who regularly collects your child comes for them you must make a member of the club staff aware that this will be happening before the start of the session. Please note that if staff are in anyway unsure about the person collecting your child they will ring you to obtain your consent before they release your child.
Children will not be permitted, under any circumstances, to walk home alone after the club has finished or at the end of their booked session.
Fees £5.00 until 4.30pm £10.00 until 6.00pm Sibling discount only applies if children stay onto the later session and will attract a discount of £2.50 per additional child.
In order for the club to maintain its correct ratios of staff to children and to keep costs to a minimum we ask that you pay in advance of your bookings with the exception of any emergency bookings.

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