Wolf Class



Lockdown Art Challenge


This week, we have all learned lots....most of it how to use our new online learning platform, Teams!

Parents, children and school staff have all worked together brilliantly to get used to Teams in just a few days and we can all feel really proud about our adaptability and resilience in these strange times.

One of our tasks this week was to search for a famous work of art which caught our eye and then create our own interpretation of it. Our parents were encouraged to join in and have fun with it too. 

It looks like we all had lots of fun with it, while learning a little about close observation, the artist, the media they use and the famous work of art itself.

Well done Wolves!

Lockdown art wk 1.jpg

Mummification, amulets and cartouches


We learned about the process of mummification in Ancient Egypt this week. We discovered some very gruesome facts about the process and also some interesting ones about the amulets that the rich ancient Egyptians were mummified with to transport them to the 'afterlife' that they believed in.

We drew some amulet examples and wrapped them in the layers of 'linen' that we encased a teddy in to illustrate the importance of each amulet/symbol to the ancient Egyptians.

We also found out that the hieroglyphic symbols that scribes used to write or record events were also used on special labels for important people/royalty, which were called cartouches. We all wrote our own cartouche and some of us got so far as to create our cartouches using clay.


Amazing Egyptians Dance


This half term in PE, we have been building on our topic knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians to create, learn and perform a dance about those amazing ancient Egyptians.

We worked together in teams, both big and small, to create different shapes with out bodies from ancient Egypt. We  really focused on keeping the rhythm of the song, making precise body lines and exercise our memory to remember all the moves.

We had lots of fun and are excited to share our dance with you!


Remembrance Art


Today, on Remembrance Day, we discussed the significance of poppies in our remembrance.

We learned that poppies began to grow after the First World War in the fields which used to be battlegrounds.

We discovered how the Royal British Legion's first poppies ever sold in remembrance were made of silk and we discovered that, nowadays, factories staffed by service veterans make the poppies of paper and plastic.

After looking at different images of remembrance, we used different media in our own way to represent our own remembrance of the sacrifices made by our service people today and in the past.

Remembrance art 11th Nov 20.jpg

The Egyptian Princess Story Map

5th November 2020

This week in English, we have been looking at the story of 'The Egyptian Princess'.
First, we explored the new vocabulary in the text and rated these new words according to how confident we feel to explain the meaning of each one. (You could ask us what new words we have learned this week!)
Then, we split the story into a 5 part structure (including Opening, Build-up, Problem, Resolution and Ending). Each group retold a section of the story using pictures to help us keep track.

Story map Egyptian Princess.jpg

Fabulous Fables


Wolf Class looked at fables in the last week before the half term break. We created props for the fable of The Fox and the Hedgehog using natural resources. Then we created our setting using resources from nature to provide a 'snapshot' from our fable.

Fables settings 22nd Oct.jpg