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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

W/C 23rd November 2020

It’s all go this week in Turtles class. With Christmas fast approaching, we have been getting into the swing of things with all things festive!

We have begun our singing practice for the nativity this year and the class have shown amazing enthusiasm. The children have particularly enjoyed learning the accompanying dance moves which I cannot wait to see when we perform it all the way through.

We have also started making decorations for our Christmas hoops. This year our theme is ‘Silent Night’, so the children have been making decorations in the shapes of the stars, the moon and the angels. We are all looking forward to seeing the finished product hanging proudly in the hall alongside the other classes’ efforts.

Finally, this week, we will begin to learn our part from the Christmas assembly towards the end of term. This year, each class will be performing a Christmas song using Makaton sign language, ours is Silent Night to go with our hoop and decorations. I am looking forward to seeing how the children do learning these gestures.

It’s going to be a busy week in Turtles class, time to get stuck in!


New Topic in Turtles!

W/C 9.11.20

This week, Turtles class have begun to get their teeth into their latest topic, DINOSAURS! Many of the pupils have shown a keen excitement in this, with many of them being caught humming the Jurassic Park theme on more than one occasion.

We have started this week by looking at a what a habitat is and some examples, including: jungles, mountains and the sea, while having the chance to create some of our dinosaur habitats (see picture). Later, we shall be learning about the different diets certain dinosaurs had (carnivores, herbivores etc.) and as part of that the structure of plants.

Turtles class are keen to get stuck in!


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