Easter Celebration

Week Ending: 2nd April 2021

For the last week of term, we have been learning about the Easter story and the importance it has in the lives of Christians.

We have engaged in a number of Easter-based activities including an easter egg hunt. 

As Term 4 has drawn to a close, Seal class hope that you all have a lovely and relaxing Easter holiday. 

We will see you all again on Monday 19th April, for the start of Term 5!


A Slice is Nice!

Week Ending: 26th March 2021

Anyone for pizza?! 

This week we have continued to learn about good hygiene skills when preparing and cooking food.

We have developed our creative and choice-making skills to make our own pizzas.  A variety of different toppings were available to choose from and we also practiced our cutting skills!

Our pizzas were very tasty, although we are biased! 


Sensory Circuits

Week Ending: 19th March 2021

On a daily basis we follow a sensory motor skills programme, that helps us to become more organised and achieve the 'just right' level of alertness to prepare for the day's learning ahead.

We complete the circuit for approximately 10-15 minutes at the start of the day. 

Completing this circuit also encourages us to develop our sensory processing skills. Within the circuit, there is a balance of calming and alerting activities, depending upon our needs!


Exploring Magnets

Week Ending: 12th March 2021

This week in Science, we have been learning about magnets. 

We have learnt that a magnet is a special type of object which produces an area of magnetic force around itself, called a magnetic field. If certain materials enter this magnetic field, they will be attracted to the magnet. This will cause the materials to be pulled towards the magnet.

In class, we have been using a variety of different magnets to identify objects and materials that are magnetic and non-magnetic.


World Book Day Celebrations

Week Ending: 5th March 2021

This week we have celebrated 'World Book Day' by dressing up in our favourite fictional characters. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed trying to guess 'Who is Behind the Mask?' in our Masked Reader Competition. We successfully guessed 15 readers (including Mr. Baxter)!


Ready, Steady, Cook

Week Ending: 26th February 2021

As part of our non-screen Friday afternoon, we have been extremely busy baking yummy treats this week!

Pupils in school have been using their mathematic skills by weighing out ingredients, to create rice krispy cakes. 

Although we are biased, they were tasty!



Snow Fun

Week Ending: 12th February 2021

What a week!

The final week of Term 3, as well as, a snowy and icy one!

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow this week and we have worked together to build a snowman.

We hope that you all have a lovely and safe holiday. Stay safe and we will see you all again in Term 4!


Releasing the Endorphins...

Week Ending: 5th February 2021

As we have been working extremely hard during our Maths and English lessons each morning, it has been very important to have fun and creative activities in the afternoons.

As it is a very tough time for many people at the moment, it is important to have opportunities to try and release some of the stress and pressure that we are feeling. Therefore, we have been spending some time interacting and socialising through physical activities. It has given us an opportunity to channel our feelings and emotions in a positive way.

Pupils have enjoyed engaging in a variety of physical activities this week, (they have even tried to beat Mr. Baxter in a game of tennis!), and they have developed their turn-taking skills, whilst following the rules of the games played.


Vocabulary Everywhere!

Week Ending: 29th January 2021

Within all of our learning, we have a strong focus on key vocabulary, that is used throughout the lessons.

When sharing the vocabulary, it is an opportunity to discuss its meaning. All of our key words for the lessons are then RAG rated according to our knowledge and understanding of the words. As we progress through the term, it is the hope that our understanding strengthens so the key words that were initially in the 'red zone' will gradually move down to green, thus having a secure definition of the words in our minds.

In Science this week, we have been learning about the 'Water Cycle' and have learnt some new key vocabulary. 

We have learnt that: 


The process of turning from a liquid into vapour.


The process where water vapour becomes a liquid.


Rain, snow, sleet or hail falls to or condenses on the ground.


Rain water runs over the land and collects in lakes or rivers, which takes it back to the sea.


Online Window Shopping

Week Ending: 22nd January 2021

In Computing this week, Seal class have been using the internet to identify a range of online adverts and targeted online adverts. Some pupils have been learning about how companies use websites to promote products.

Whether we have been learning at home or in the classroom, we have searched for our favourite toys from the following websites: 

1. Smyths Toys

2. Amazon

3. Lego

4. Play-Doh

We were quite surprised at how expensive the toys we wanted were!


It's All About the Drama

Week Ending: 15th January 2021

This week, Seal class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about 'Return' by Aaron Becker. This is the third book in the 'wordless' series. 

We have observed and identified the many references linking back to the first two books (some of which Mr. Baxter did not get!). One of our main highlights of this week has been 'acting out' the different characters from the story, and thinking about the relationship between the dad and his daughter. For the pupils who were accessing the activities virtually, it was all about the body language and facial expressions for this activity, and they were all brilliant!

Are you next for the 'HOT SEAT'?


New Beginnings 

Week Ending: 8th January 2021

We have just completed our first week back of Term 3, and what a week we've had!

Some of us have been learning in school, whilst others have been learning virtually, from home. 

We have all been getting to grips with Microsoft Teams and trying to establish new routines!

A new term leads to brand new topics. Our Term 3 areas of learning for each subject are as follows:

Maths: Number - Multiplication and Division/Fractions/Decimals/Percentages/Algebra; Statistics; Measurement - Area/Money; Geometry - Properties of Shape

English: 'Return' by Aaron Becker

Science: States of Matter

Computing: E-Safety

Topic: Pirates

PSHE & Social Skills: Building Character

RE: Christianity - Gospel

Art & DT: British Art

PE: Tag Rugby


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Week Ending: 18th December 2020

That's it folks! 

We have successfully made it to the end of Term 2. 

Seal class would like to wish everyone a very happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

Stay safe. Take care and we will see you all in 2021!

Merry Christmas
See you next year!
See You Soon.png

'Quest' by Aaron Becker

Week Ending: 11th December 2020

As Seal class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about 'Journey' (book 1) by Aaron Becker, this term we have continued with Aaron Becker's series, where we have been learning about 'Quest'.

We have enjoyed using our imagination to decide what the 'Quest' is. As a class, we have been exploring the characters and settings in depth. Drama has been incorporated to portray the characters thoughts, feelings and motives behind their actions.

Seal class will be learning about 'Return' (the last book in the series) in Term 3, to see how the series concludes...


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Week Ending: 4th December 2020

So we are now into the Festive Season!

Let the Christmas songs play! 

Seal class have begun counting down to Christmas this week, by decorating our classroom door. Our Christmas song that we are focusing on is: 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' and we are busy learning the makaton signs for it!

We have also created our Christmas hoop that is being displayed in the hall too!

Christmas Hoops
Twelve Days of Christmas Hoop
Seal Class Decorated Door

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