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Another week of learning from home!

w/c 7th December 2020

We've had another fabulous week of teaching and learning from home in Penguin Class!  There's been a  continuation of emails coming through with all of your hard work in and it's been lovely to see your smiley faces along the way too.

This week we have enjoyed starting a new text called The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud, continued our maths learning on the inverse in Year 1 and enjoyed a variety of afternoon lessons; even though the Nativity won't be going ahead, we've continued our learning on the importance of the Nativity story and enjoyed some hands on science learning and an experiment this week!

To finish off our two weeks of learning from home, we've enjoyed watching a virtual pantomime (oh yes we have!) and we're spending tomorrow in Christmassy clothes with a Christmas Quiz!  

A big well done to all of the children and parents that have joined us for our daily online sessions and another well done to the children that have completed work in their own time.  We're looking forward to seeing you all on Monday for a few days before the Christmas celebrations begin!

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Penguin Class' first week of virtual learning!

w/c Monday 30th November 2020

What a week it's been! 

This week KS1 had to swap the classroom for the living room and started their two weeks of virtual learning (and teaching!) together.  It most certainly is a weird experience teaching and learning through a screen but everyone has adapted so well and continued to do brilliant work at home.  By Friday, we were all even beginning to master the mute/unmute button! 

It's been lovely to see everyone continuing with their positive attitude for learning and joining in with all of the activities throughout the week; your photos have certainly kept us smiling!  

Virtual teaching with 5-7 year olds definitely wouldn't be complete without a few elf stories, Christmas accessories and showing toys/pets to each other along the way!  (We even had a few dinosaurs join us this Friday!)

I am a very proud Penguin teacher and you should all be proud of ourselves too!  Here's a selection of all of your hard work from this week.

Enjoy your well-deserved weekend (children and adults!) and we'll see you all again virtually on Monday for another week of virtual fun! 

Remember to continue to send us photos of your child's work to receive those well-earned house points!


Persuasive Letter Writing

Friday 20th November 2020

In English we have been reading 'The Lonely Beast' which is about a Beast that goes on an adventure to find some beast friends.  This week we designed our own beasts that could be a good friend for the lonely Beast.  We thought about their appearance, their interests and their characteristics.

Following our designs, we wrote persuasive letters to the Prime Minister from the perspective of our beasts telling him why they would be the perfect choice and a better friend than all of the other beasts!

We are certain that we've done a great job of persuading the Prime Minister!  


Remembrance and Exploring Autumn

Week ending Friday 13th November 2020

We started off this week by creating a class remembrance wreath to remember the soldiers that have fought and continue to fight for our country.  We layered tissue paper to create texture on our poppies and joined them together in a wreath shape. 

In science this week, Year 2 had a planting afternoon where they thought about what plants need to grow.

Year 1 went on an Autumn walk where they identified signs of Autumn and found different plants and trees in our environment.  


Being Archaeologists

Friday 6th November 2020

This week we began our learning on our new topic, 'Dinosaurs'.   An 'eggciting' delivery arrived in Penguin Class.  We predicted what could be inside but are still waiting for the egg to hatch to see if our predictions were correct.

We also learnt what an archaeologist is and how they link to dinosaurs.  We found out that an archaeologist discovers old objects from the past which can include fossils and bones.  This is how we know dinosaurs existed! 

We used toothbrushes as our tool for brushing the sand off of the fossils we discovered in our class Jurassic dinosaur land.



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