Owl Class



Topic Time

We continued to write formal letters this week, although this time in character as Beowulf. We replied to a letter from Beowulf's father and all the children impressed me with their understanding of this text type. Children challenged themselves to write complex sentences using subordinate conjunctions and interesting vocabulary. Well done Owls! 
In science we explored ‘what happens to animals in winter?’ Looking at the differences between migration and hibernation. Also, how some animals stay in one habitat but may store food, change their appearance or change their behaviour. We all agreed that migrating to a hot climate during winter is a great idea. 
Our topic board is looking fantastic, with thanks to the tea-stained newspaper reports the children completed during their home learning. I have attached a picture 🙂

anglo saxon board.jpg

We're Back!


It was lovely to welcome the children back in school this week. 
They have settled back in fantastically and it has been exciting to start getting our Christmas hoop ready for the hall. This year, the theme is Christmas songs. Owl class will be doing ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ Next week we will start to put together a music video! 
We have also been busy writing a formal letter to the Queen of England. We wanted to wish her a merry Christmas and the children had lots of question for her, mostly about her corgis! I will be posting them to Buckingham palace and we are hoping to get a reply.


Remote Learning Highlights


This week we have completed our last home learning lessons!  
I cannot wait to see you all back in school next week. What we have been able to achieve online, has been amazing and well done for all your hard work. 
Highlights from this week have included your Anglo-Saxon adverts. They will make your newspapers even more authentic! 
As part of anti-bullying week, we were able to discuss bullying as a group behaviour and decided which part we want to play. 
Thank you Owl class for this time together. I will remember our time on zoom for a long time to come!  
I look forward to seeing you all in 3D on Monday.

ellie poster.jpg
ellie poster.jpg
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Remote Learning


Well done Owl class for accessing your first online lessons this week. It is great we can continue to see each other and work together online. 
You are adapting so well to being online and you have all worked super hard this week with your newspaper reports, reporting the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. We have created headlines, completed an introduction, written direct and reported speech, and reported the events in chronological order. Gory, Grim, Grendel … GONE! Was one of my favourite headlines. 
Also we remembered those who have lost their lives in wars this week. On Wednesday we created posters to commemorate Remembrance Day and your creativity from homey was wonderful. 
I hope you enjoyed Mrs Bourne’s Brilliant game on Friday afternoon J  
I super proud of how hard you have worked this week and you all should be as well!  Thanks also to parents who have been fantastic at supporting the children from home. It has been wonderful for us all to work together for the sake of the children. 
I think our class will be stronger and more connected after this time!