Koala Class



Walk like an Egyptian!

In our PE lessons we have been listening to Egyptian music and have created movements to accompany this. We have learned new dance technical vocabulary and incorporated these moves in our performances.
We have included moving:
In Unison – whole group doing the same movements
Canon – where some of our group perform a movement at different times
Mirroring – this is when some of the group do the exact same routine at the same time
Levels – we thought about movements that were low and high
Rhythm – we listened to the 8 count beat and created our movements to the beat.
We had the chance to perform to the class in our small groups and give feedback to our peers. We were given time to discuss our performance and make improvements over the 3 weeks and next week we are looking forward to joining up with other groups and working co-operatively as one larger group.


Koala class publish their first book!

In science this week, we investigated which foods different animals eat. We learnt that animals need to eat to get their nutrition, just like humans do! As a class we discussed what different animals ate and recapped some of the terms associated with this: herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, predator, prey. We then choose an animal to independently research and presented this to the class. Together we put all out fact files in one book and created our very own encyclopedia. Hopefully we get to share this with you soon!


The Trinity

This week we have begun to explore the meaning of Gospel – a Christian message, a life-story/biography of the life and teaching of Jesus.  Together we read the story of Matthew, chapter 3, we discussed the symbolisms within the story and their associated meanings; making links with water from our last lesson.
We looked at two paintings of the ‘Baptism’ by the Artists Verrocchio and Daniel Bonnell, both depict the baptism of Christ. We discussed how the two different artists choose to represent God and why we thought this was. We learnt that Christians believe God is three in one, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- The Trinity.
We used our artistic skills to create our own pieces of pastel artwork depicting the baptism of Jesus. Can you spot the symbols of the Holy Spirit?

6 November.png

Welcome back!

This week we started our new RE unit, Incarnation – What is the Trinity? In our lesson, we thought about the symbolic meaning of water; we went outside on to the playground to look for water. We found water in bottles, buckets, on the grass, in drains, on plants and on lots of our equipment. In groups we discussed whether the water we found was cleansing, refreshing, life-giving, beautiful, dangerous, still, flowing, powerful and reflective. We learnt that Christians use water for baptism because it has many different symbolic meanings.

Back inside we explored the symbolic meaning of water through dance. We thought about how our bodies could move to show expression and we used this time to reflect upon our own feelings and learning.