Flamingo Class




W.C 05th October 2020

This week Flamingo Class have started reading Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf.
All is well in the land of the Danes, ruled over by Noble King Hrothgar. A grand mead-hall (Hereot) is constructed to celebrate their triumphs, however all is not well as a beast from Hell itself stalks the night. This book links well with the class topic of the Anglo-Saxons.
We have looked at modal verbs, colons and semi-colons and all pupils: 'should' know what they are and 'can' identify them in sentences to help show possibility or certainty.

Beowulf Book Cover.webp

Term 2

W.C. 2nd November 2020

The new term has started positively with Flamingo class making a confident return to school.
In literacy we are continuing to read the adventures of Beowulf, with the main protagonist making his appearance with the promise of slaying the evil Grendel and freeing the Danes from his dark curse.
In R.E. we had an engaging discussion about the beauty of the world around us and how humanity is responsible for their actions in trying to care for it.
As part of the computing curriculum we have looked at online scams and how people try to trick us into sharing personal details. We looked at a phishing email from a ‘Singaporean banker’ trying to entice us with a business opportunity worth €116,000,000.00, surely an opportunity we would be mad to pass up!!!


Term 2

W.C. 9th November 2020

In PE we have discussed tactics and the importance of working together as a team. Stronger players need to help develop less confident ones and support their play. 
During topic, Flamingo Class looked at illuminated lettering and worked to develop their own examples in the style of the monks from the monastery of Lindisfarne.
We continued to look at adaptation and evolution in science, thinking about how stag beetles were suited to their habitats and what could happen if certain changes occurred between generations.


Term 2

W.C. 16th November 2020

Miss Cain has been getting very exciting this week as she has started to plan the Flamingo Class Christmas Hoop, this year the theme is Christmas songs - with a twist!
The class produced some excellent pieces of writing as they got into character as the Noble Warrior Prince Beowulf awaiting their life or death battle with the Hellish Beast Grendel.
Finally, we look forward to welcoming back our friends and colleagues in Owl class, we have all missed you and can't wait to see you on Monday!