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Harvesting Vegetables

Local Foodbanks

Local Foodbanks: List

The Community Cupbboard

The Community Cupboard foodbank is closest to Langafel and can be accessed without the need to be referred.  It is also the foodbank that Langafel support all year, but particularly at times like Harvest Festival.
They are based in West Kingsdown and open Monday to Friday.  See their website for details.

Dartford Foodbank

Dartford Foodbank is based in Lowfield Street.  You can visit, without referral, on a Tuesday morning.

Gravesham Foodbank

Gravesham Foodbank is based at the Riverside Community Centre and is open Tuesday to Friday mornings 10.30am to 12.30pm.  On their website, under the tab marked 'Get Help' the referral procedure is shown.  I am able to refer you to their services with an understanding of your current situation.  
Please contact me on the link above.

ToGoodToGo App

This app allows local companies to sell off cheap food packages.  Download it and you can purchase packages of food at less than half price.  Supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops and restaurants all take part by offering their left over products at marked down prices.

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