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House Teams

House Team


What are the House Teams?

Everyone in the school, including both pupils and staff have been assigned a House Team.  If pupils have brothers or sisters at Langafel they will be in the same team.  There are team competitions that run throughout each year, for example one of our competitions was to design House Characters, another was the Best Dressed Hero.  Money from this was also raised for charity.

P1110657At the end of every term every pupil’s Blue Tokens (reward tokens) are counted up and there is a prize for the winning team.  Prizes usually consist of extra playtime or a party; the winning team chooses.

Sports Day each year is very much linked to the House Teams.  Pupils are put into their House Teams to compete against each other and an overall winning team is announced after all the races.  Brothers and sisters compete in the same races together.

Everyone at Langafel enjoys being part of their team and compete well to try to beat the other teams, it has created a great sense of competition and team work.