Langafel Church of England Primary School
LangafelChurch of England Primary School



Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher C Woodbine
Deputy Headteacher G Taylor
AEN Leader V Baldwin
English Leader H Palmer
Math Leader A Hopkins

Foundation Stage Phase Leader: H Palmer

Dolphin Class H Palmer
Jellyfish Class C Watkins

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: C Hammond

Penguin Class C Hammond
Starfish Class K Barrett/E Welsh
Turtle Class J Kirby

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: J Laws

Wolf Class J Laws
Koala Class H Ashman
Tiger Class L Ablett/K Pirot

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: A Hopkins

Flamingo Class A Hopkins
Owl Class A Ragon
Falcon Class C Daniels/G Taylor

SLIC Teacher in charge: V Baldwin

Otter Class Sharon Smith
Beaver Class Lena Ward
Seal Class Lois Jones

Learning Support
TAs are allocated to phases based on the current needs of the pupils. Some TAs work across more than one phase.

HLTA’s C Bonner, A Reavill
Foundation Stage L Pullen, M Todd, L Richards
Key Stage 1 Z Williams, H Clarke, A Jordan
Lower Key Stage 2 R Barrett, L Clarke, E Sawyer
Upper Key Stage 2 G Medhurst, J Slark, S Igglesden
SLIC C Leon, C Collins, N Kheu, C Deacon, L Peters, N Paton, W Smee, B Hughes, R Melis-Ramsdale
Learning Mentor (Wellbeing) S James, C Holmes
Speech and Language C Leon

Business Manager A Beard
Administration Officer A Della Valle
Family Liaison R Burgess

Site Services
Caretaker J Hawksbee
Caretaker D Mackenzie
Asssistant Caretaker G Simmonds

Breakfast Club: C Leon, S James, W Smee

Lunchtime Supervisors: B Bassett, C Townsend, M Newstead, L Taylor, K Bishop, C Blackmoor.
Some TA’s are also contracted to supervise half lunchtime.

After School Club: B Bassett, K Bishop, A Jordan, B Hughes