Langafel Church of England Primary School
LangafelChurch of England Primary School



Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher C Woodbine
Deputy Headteacher G Taylor
AEN Leader V Baldwin
English Leader 
Math Leader A Hopkins

Foundation Stage Phase Leader: G Evans

Dolphin Class V Wotton
Jellyfish Class G Evans

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: S Fekete 

Penguin Class S Fekete
Starfish Class C Hammond/C Southgate
Turtle Class L Read

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: S Carter

Wolf Class S Carter
Koala Class J Kirby
Tiger Class S Browne

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: A Hopkins

Flamingo Class A Hopkins
Owl Class A Ragon
Falcon Class K Pirot
Phoenix Class C Bonner

SLIC Teacher in charge: V Baldwin

SLIC Phase Leader: L Jones

Otter Class S Smith
Beaver Class H Ashman
Seal Class L Jones

Learning Support
TAs are allocated to phases based on the current needs of the pupils. Some TAs work across more than one phase.

HLTA’s C Bonner, A Reavill
Foundation Stage M Todd, E Pennington-Smith, V Yates
Key Stage 1 H Clarke, P Hoadley, S Hayre, L Pullen
Lower Key Stage 2 E Sawyer, S Vane, A Jarvis, L Hawkings
Upper Key Stage 2 G Medhurst, L Clark, A Jordan, J Keepin
SLIC C Leon, C Collins, C Deacon, W Smee, Z Williams, R Melis-Ramsdale, E Sawyer, M Sachdeva, J Davis, R Towner
Learning Mentor (Wellbeing) S James, C Holmes, S Igglesden
Speech and Language C Leon
Graduate Teacher W Ellis, K Cleaver

Business Manager A Beard
Administration Officer H Burgess
Family Liaison Officer R Burgess

Site Services
Caretaker J Hawksbee
Caretaker D Mackenzie

Breakfast Club: C Leon, S James, W Smee

Lunchtime Supervisors: B Bassett, C Townsend, K Bishop, K Woollams.
Some TA’s are also contracted to supervise half lunchtime.

After School Club: B Bassett, K Bishop, A Jordan