Langafel Church of England Primary School
LangafelChurch of England Primary School

Staff and Governors


Mrs C Woodbine

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Taylor

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs V Baldwin

AEN Leader

Mr Hopkins

Mr A Hopkins
Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Maths Lead



Mrs H Palmer
Foundation Stage

English Lead

Teaching Staff


Mrs C Watkins
Foundation Stage Teacher



Mrs L Ablett
Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Miss Jones
SLIC Class Teacher

Mrs Z Drew
Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs J Kirby
Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Phase Leader


Mrs H Ashman
Year 3/4 Class Teacher


Miss E Welsh
Year 1/2 Class Teacher


Mrs K Barrett
Year 1/2 Class Teacher


Mr J Laws
Year 3/4 Class Teacher
Phase Leader


Mrs S Smith
SLIC Class Teacher


Miss A Ragon
Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Mrs L Ward
SLIC Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Bonner


Miss Kheu


Mrs Holmes
Learning Mentor

Miss Williams


Mrs Leon


Miss Pirot


Mrs S James


Mrs C Lawrence


Miss Jordan


Mrs Igglesden


Mrs J Copley


Mrs J Slark


Mrs N Paton


Mrs M Todd


Mrs S Vane


Mrs G Medhurst

Mrs Smee

Mrs W Smee


Mrs C Deacon

Lois Jones

Mrs Clark

Miss L Pullen

Layla Buckley

Mrs L Buckley

H Clark

Mrs H Clark

Office Staff


Mrs Della Valle


Mrs R Burgess
Family Liaison


Mrs A Beard
Business Manager


Mr John

Mr Dai

Mr Graham

Midday Supervisors

Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs R Burgess

KS1: Mrs L Buckley, Mrs N Godfrey, Mrs G Medhurst, Mrs N Paton, Miss L Pullen, Mrs J Slark, Mrs C Townsend

KS2: Mrs B Bassett, Mrs H Clark, Mrs J Copley, Mrs S Eaton, Mrs M Newstead, Mrs T Stump

SLIC: Mrs A DellaValle, Mrs C Lawrence


Mrs Catherine Woodbine – Staff Governor

As Head Teacher of the school I automatically become a member of the governing body. The governors’ role is to ensure the school is run effectively and the staff are doing their job properly and I am one of the staff representatives on the governing body. It is my job to provide the governors with the information they need to make sure the school is running effectively. They then question me on this and the impact it has had on the school. The governors also make suggestions for improvements which I take back to the rest of the staff. I can call on the governors to support the school at various times such as Ofsted or SIAMS inspections.

Mr Paul Harrison – Chair of Governors

I am an engineer working full time for an aerospace company. My day job is developing and running their flight simulation facility for both pilots and partner aerospace companies. I am an active member of St Mary Magdalene’s congregation and lead the youth and junior church groups. I bring my faith and youth experience from working within the church as well bringing my professional experiences to add to the mix of skills we have on the governing body. My key role is to support and develop Langafel alongside the staff to collectively provide the best start we can for our children.


Mr Paul Thomas – Vice-Chair of Governors

I am a Computer Professional working full time for a large software company where I provide strategic support to organisations such as County Councils and the NHS, mostly in the area of health and social care electronic records. I am an active member of St Mary Magdalene’s church where I sing in the choir. I am a Foundation Governor at Langafel which means that I have a particular focus on the links to the church and the Christian ethos of the school. As well as that, I bring my general experience of working in business and specific skills in computing which now has a greater prominence in the curriculum.


Mrs Sue Callow – Co-opted Governor

I taught at Langafel School for about 12 years and became a Staff Governor for a number of those years. I have always taken a keen interest in the wider school community and in my role as a Governor I have gained a deeper understanding of the issues that impact on the running of a school. This is why I continued my role as a Governor after retiring at the end of the academic year in 2015.  I feel privileged to be able to support the effective running of Langafel. Currently one of my particular responsibilities is for Early Years. Having taught mainly in UKS2, I look forward to my visits to the ‘other end’ of the school!


Mrs Claire Holmes – Staff Governor

I am a fairly new staff governor having previously served as a parent governor. Initially, as a parent governor, I wished to give something back to the School as both my children were very well taken care of at Langafel. I simply came with parenting skills and a new role as a TA in a local school. My main focus areas during the past few years have been AEN, the whole aspect of challenge for the school, including both staff and children, and more recently, a focus on the of teaching within the school.


Fr Dylan Turner – Foundation Governor

Parish Priest of St Mary Magdalene, Longfield

As Parish Priest, I am automatically a governor of Langafel. However my role within the school is by no means restricted to that of a governor. Along with regular visits to lead Collective Worship, I also play a part in the team which is tasked to work on the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). It is also my privilege to be able to welcome the children and teachers to Longfield Church on various occasions during the year.


Rev. Melanie Jemmett – Foundation Governor

Mr Stuart Beard – Parent Governor

I am enjoying my role as a parent governor, supporting the school and the other Governors. Being fairly new to the area, it will be nice to integrate into the Longfield and New Barn area at a community level. Since we relocated to Kent in 2013, the school has been very welcoming to my family and I would like to offer something back.

Ms Tessa Barnby- Clerk

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