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Primary PE and Sports Funding

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In 2013/14 the government committed to a three year plan of funding for schools to support the provision of PE/sport.  Each school will receive £8,000 plus an additional £5 per pupil each year.  This funding is provided to help us enhance the PE and Sports Provision available to children at our school.

For the academic year 2015/16 we received a total of £9,200.  Some of the funding is being used to employ specialist PE coaches.  The coaches team-teach with our staff in a range of specific areas of PE and enable high quality PE lessons to be delivered.  They have also increased the amount of lunchtime and after school sports clubs we have been able to offer, by running them themselves. They have trained staff too, who are now running a wide range of sports clubs, and the lunchtime supervisors have benefitted from training in lunchtime sports and games such as 4 square.  Attendance of lunchtime and afterschool clubs has grown considerably with more clubs being offered each term. Part of the funding has enabled us to start transporting pupils to a wider variety of sporting events and matches against other schools. As a result Langafel has been able to take part in many more sporting activities outside of school and we have been more successful this year than ever before with a win at the Easter Sevens football tournament.  We are now part of a netball league and play matches with other local schools.  We also run targeted intervention sporting clubs which aim to help advance specific children’s skills e.g. general fitness, flexibility or agility. Each term we ask the children which clubs they would like us to run and these are accommodated.

An audit of PE equipment has been carried out and resources have been improved and upgraded.  Pupils were keen to continue with their sporting activities at playtimes and lunchtimes and we were able to spend some of our Sainsbury’s vouchers on upgrading the sporting equipment available for children to use in their free-time. Plus our Friends of Langafel group have enhanced provision further by paying for netball courts to be marked on the playground along with a wide range of other markings to allow children to play 4 square, dance and other games.

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Premiere Sports Lesson


Pupil Premium Detailed Report

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