Langafel Church of England Primary School
LangafelChurch of England Primary School

Ethos and Values

We believe that all children should enjoy the chance to develop their academic and social skills to the best of their ability in an inclusive, friendly and positive environment.

Children have the:
• Right to learn
• Right to be safe and cared for
• Right to play
• Right to be respected


We are committed to our learning and achieving as highly as we can.
We will commit to always try our best in both behaviour and work.


We will persevere when things become hard and not give up.
We will try to find ways to solve problems on our own before seeking support.


We will be honest with ourselves and others when things have not gone well and work to improve.
We will always be honest about situations even if we have made a mistake.


We will work/ behave to our best ability even when adults are not present.
We earn trust by showing self discipline in both our behaviour and work.


We know we are a valuable member of the Langafel CE Primary School Team.
We will always try to behave in a way that makes us proud of our school.
We will treat everyone in our Langafel Primary School Team with respect.
We will support each other to achieve the best we can do.


We challenge ourselves to complete harder tasks and achieve more.
We will always challenge ourselves to do better.


We will treat everyone politely and kindly.
We will be a good friend to others even if it means saying no.
We will work hard to develop good friendships and help our friends to be kind and hardworking.


If we work hard and support each other we know we can achieve and have fun.
We will endeavour to make all our learning fun and memorable.


Learning Values